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Five Ways to Earn Free FUT Coins

by Jordon

FUT coins are significant for the development of a strong team that can win games. As more people engage in FIFA games, EA has generously come up with ways to help gamers earn free coins. However, to control the prices put forward by coin-thirsty gamers in the transfer market, EA also places conditions for gamers to qualify for these free coins. This article will show you how to be eligible for free coins on the system without buying or working too hard.

Five ways to qualify for Fifa Free Coins

  1. Logging in to the site daily

By simply logging into the FIFA web application every day, you qualify to earn thousands of coins. The rewards available for logging in are of seven types. However, you have to select the ‘Accept’ option on your gifts to claim the one offered for the day – not logging in means forfeiting the gift for the day. On the first day of logging in, you stand a chance to win 15,000 coins. Also, if you log in on the sixth day, you qualify for 25,000 free coins.

  1. Completing objectives

Objectives or quests are presented daily to give users the chance to earn rewards. Gamers who complete these objectives are qualified to win free FUT coins. As the difficulty level of the quest increases, the number of coins they are eligible to receive also increases. Weekly objectives are of three grades, that is, gold, silver, and bronze. Weekly and Monthly Quests offer other rewards like consumables, loan players, packs, and coin boosts. In FIFA 21, a feature called community objective has been introduced to bring gamers together to earn XPs and compete against other communities.

  1. Opening Free packs

Buying the Ultimate edition of the latest FIFA version qualifies you to own free rare gold packs containing lots of FUT coins. Each free pack includes 12 rare and gold items, including consumables and players. However, you can only qualify for more free packs the next week if you open during the first week. Opening free packs every week automatically allows you for more free coins. When a gamer buys the FIFA Champion Edition, they are qualified to enjoy 12 free rare gold packs distributed for the next six weeks after the purchase was made.

  1. Playing warm-up games

Most gamers ignore the warm-up games featured on the Event Screen of the FIFA Game. You can take advantage of this feature to earn a few free coins by merely completing the games every day. First, you must check out the rewards made available for the games and make sure that coins are being included before playing the games. To qualify for the daily reward, you must complete three activities in the warm-up match. These games refresh every day and disappear from the event screen after 30 completions have been made.

  1. Linking their games with Facebook

This is a rather unpopular yet effective method. Gamers can qualify for free FUT coins by linking their FIFA accounts to their Facebook account. To earn more, they can refer friends via Facebook to partake in the game. This can be achieved just by going to the EA help site and selecting the login option. You can then select the Facebook icon and sign in to your account.


Every day, the demand for FIFA Coins gets more insatiable owing to its functions and value. EA has made several free coins available for users; however, they must be qualified to get them. Above are five ways to qualify for them.

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