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How Much Can You Earn With 1000 views on YouTube?

by Jordon

You Tube undoubtedly can be classified as one of (if not the most) widely used video updating and viewing platform around the world. With a reach of over 2 billion users globally, and the right exposure, a video can have as many views on YouTube as a user wants. The key would be to understand the content that you put up and also ensuring that a particular target audience is aware of said content.

Now the big question is, what do gain for attracting so many people to your YouTube channel and thus increasing the number of users on the app? How much can you make off views on YouTube? How about buying views on YouTube?

YouTube allows users to upload, view, rate, report and comment on videos and also subscribe to the channels of other users. This allows users to have easy interactions globally. Most videos uploaded to YouTube are uploaded by individual users. However, media operators such as Hulu and VEVP place some of their content on YouTube. This serves as a form of YouTube Partnership.

Can you Earn from views on YouTube and How Much?

Not surprisingly, a lot of users on YouTube earn from uploading videos on the app. How? They get paid for their time and effort. Depending on the level of engagement an upload is able to receive and how many views on YouTube a video can pull, a user receives a fair share of a commission when a minimum number of views is reached.

If you want to be paid by YouTube, you have to earn at least $100 and above from views. At a rate of $5 per 1000 views, you should aim for 20,000 views.

How to increase YouTube views.

There are genuine ways to increase the number of views on YouTube. I say genuinely because there are third party apps claiming to increase the number of views on your YouTube video through programmed bot systems, but these do not reflect the interest of people onto your uploaded content.

There are certain adjustments you can make to your videos and people/characters featured in your uploaded videos to attract viewers to your content.

  1. Ensure that your video quality is clear, as much effort that goes into making the video should go into improving the quality of the video. Nobody really wants to wait to understand the content of a video if they cannot see the the video clearly.
  2. You want the sound to be as clear as the video itself, that is if the video is not a silent one. Once you have the sound and video in the right quality you’re almost half done.
  3. Finally, you will have to share your video links to as much people as possible. Get them to subscribe, like, and like your videos to get the desired number of views to enable you earn from the platform.

YouTube allows you to post a wide variety of videos as long as it agrees with all the terms and conditions agreed, which are listed on the app.

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